Oluwaseun Bisiriyu-Salam is a Certified FIDE Instructor (FI), a chess international with over 23 years of tournament play FIDE (2188 highest) and a US Chess Federation Certified Club Tournament Director. He also has a FIDE Organizer norm. Seun has worked and still works as chess instructor with different chess organizations and has taught kids from a number of schools in New York and New Jersey. These organizations include the New York Scholastic Chess Club serving PS 334 and PS 452 in New York, Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts, AlphaMinds Academy serving the Beloved Charter School, Hoboken Catholic School, Cordero School and Primary Prep School in New Jersey.

Seun graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria with a BA in Philosophy, where he started teaching chess and as a prominent member of the University chess team, he won the Overall Best Male Athlete Award for 2002/2004. He later joined Pedachess, as one of the pioneer chess instructors in Nigeria. Seun has represented Nigeria at the top level in chess. Although Seun loves everything about chess, teaching kids how to play chess is his passion. He believes every kid should learn chess even if they don't intend to be professionals. Chess helps a kid develop a thinking system that is analytical, logical, rational and strategical, a thought that can be transferred into other areas of life.